Finishing a Garment


Finishing a garment can present a more professional image to your customers and turn them into promoters of your business .  

Remove the Hoop Ring

After removing the hoop, you may find a light ring where the hoop was on dark garments. This ring can be removed by spraying it with water or a light ironing aid. It could also be steamed out of the garment.

Remove Backing

Remove the backing before giving a garment to a customer.

For tear away backing, tear the backing away from the inside of the garment while using your fingers to provide support to the threads.

For cutaway, hold the backing so that the garment falls toward you. This will present a clear line along which to cut. Leave ⅛ to ¼ of an inch of backing around the design. Rounding your corners will also give a nicer feel to the design for the wearer.

Remove Toppings

Toppings can be used to improve the appearance of embroidery on textured garments. I should be removed before the garment is given to a customer.

To remove water soluble topping, tear away the larger areas. Mist over the remainder with a water sprayer. Allow the topping to begin to dissolve. As it does this, it will become tacky and stick to itself. Use a scrap piece of topping to stick to the little dissolving pieces. Remove the scrap and the smaller pieces should come with it.

If the topping is too wet, it may gum up and stick to the fibers of the garment. This should come out when laundered.

Fold the Garment

Folding the garment heightens the sense of professionalism for your customers. If you do not individually fold the garments, consider bundling them in neater folds before presenting them to your customers.