Pinch Rollers Need Maintenance

The most common sign that pinch rollers need maintenance is that the thread will walk to the side of the roller and create a "bird's nest". This is typically flagged by the software as a thread break, but when you look at the top thread, it doesn't appear to be broken. However, when you look under the cloth, you find a mass of thread under the needle plate.

Maintaining these rollers is part of the normal maintenance timers, but if you are experiencing trouble with bird-nesting, clean and grease the rollers.

Cleaning & Greasing the Pinch Rollers

To clean and grease the pinch rollers,

  1. Lift the thread feed arm.
  2. With one hand, steady the lever. With the other hand, pull the pinch roller to the right and off of the hub.
  3. Next, with the roller tilted, pull the arm slightly to the left and pull the roller straight out from the machine. The arm has a small amount of flex to it, but if pulled too far to the left, it can be damaged.
  4. With a cotton swab, clean both the hub and the pinch roller. Take care to avoid getting grease on the pinching surface of the roller.
  5. Apply EMB Polymer grease to the top surface of the hub and on the outer surface of each of the three tabs inside the pinch roller.
  6. With the roller tilted, pull the arm slightly to the left and reinsert the roller straight into place.
  7. Tilt the roller back up. Gently rotate the roller to help spread the grease before snapping it into place.
  8. Press the roller to the left to snap it into place.
  9. Line the thread up with the v-notch on the thread feed gear cover and press the pinch roller arm back down.