AMAYA OS Software Levels

AMAYA OS comes in multiple levels. Each level has different features and requirements. Check with your Melco sales representative for the level that best suits your needs.

Software Level Description Dongle Required
AOS Lite The lightest version of the AMAYA OS software line. This version is most commonly used to communicate with BRAVO machines. NO
AOS SE Used for single machines or to network a few BRAVO machines. YES*
AOS Flex+ The most powerful of the AMAYA OS software line. This level of software has access to all major features. Flex+ can be used to network many machines. It can be used with all AMAYA machines except the BRAVO. YES*

* With the AOS V10 security key attached to your computer, you can also load DesignShop Lite without needing an additional DesignShop security key.