Design Orientation

  1. Loading a Design
  2. Setting the Color Sequence
  3. Selecting a Hoop
  4. Setting Machine Speed
  5. Setting Acitfeed
  6. Design Orientation

This section will walk you through changing the orientation of the loaded design.

To change the orientation of the design:

  1. Click on the Design Orientation F

Every click on the orientation F will rotate the icon by 90°. When the clicking stops, the design will rotate and the F icon will reset. The icon does not show the orientation of the design. It shows the changes you are making.

After four clicks of the F, the design will reflect and become a mirror image of the original.

If using 1day.ofm for your initial sew-out, changing the orientation is not necessary.

When Should I Rotate My Design?

Some products like blankets, towels, caps, or hooded sweatshirts will embroidery more easily when hooped so that the design would be sewn upside-down. When these situations arise, it is often very beneficial to rotate your design.