Bobbin Threading & Tensioning

  1. Unpacking the AMAYA
  2. Configuring & Loading Software
  3. Connecting the Machine
  4. Powering Up the Machine
  5. Upper Threading
  6. Bobbin Threading

The proper bobbin tension and installation also play an integral role in the quality and efficiency of an embroidery sewout

Removing the Bobbin Case

CAUTION: Never attempt to remove or insert the bobbin while the machine is in operation.

  1. The bobbin case can be removed from the lower arm of the AMAYA by locating the release lever on the bobbin case.
  2. Pull forward on this lever until the case is free from the machine.
  3. Remove the old bobbin from the case.

Cleaning the Bobbin Case

  1. It is recommended that you clean under the tension spring of your AMAYA bobbin case every time you change the bobbin.
  2. Lint and bobbin wax can build up under the spring, and this can affect bobbin tension. To clean under the spring, slide a corner of a small piece of paper under the tension spring in the same direction the thread travels. While cleaning under the tension spring, be careful not to bend the spring.
  3. After cleaning the bobbin case, blow the case out with compressed air. It is also recommended that you check the bobbin tension.

Inserting a New Bobbin in the Bobbin Case
& Checking the Tension

  1. Hold the bobbin case with the front facing down and the open end facing up.
  2. Hold the new bobbin with the thread coming over the top and to the right in a clockwise fashion. It should look like a number nine (9).
  3. Without flipping the bobbin, drop it into the bobbin case.
  4. Route the thread through the thin slot opening and under the tension spring. The bobbin thread should no be releasing from the side of the case.
  5. To check the tension of the bobbin, hold the bobbin thread with one hand. As you gently bounce the thread, the bobbin case should drop approximately 1 - 2 inches / 25 - 50 mm. If the tension is incorrect, use a flat-blade screwdriver to turn the larger adjustment screw clockwise to tighten or counterclockwise to loosen the tension.
    This test must be completed BEFORE winding the thread through the pigtail.
  6. Once the tension is set, wind the thread through the pigtail.

Inserting the Bobbin Case

CAUTION: Never attempt to remove or insert the bobbin while the machine is in operation.

  1. Insert the bobbin and case in the machine with the pigtail facing up. Push on the bobbin case until it snaps into place.
  2. Test the bobbin orientation by pulling on the thread. The bobbin should rotate counter-clockwise.
  3. Trim the thread to 2 - 3 inches.

NOTE: If the thread is cut too short, it will not pick up on the stitch. If the thread is left too long, it may wrap into the machine.