Powering Up the Machine

  1. Unpacking the AMAYA
  2. Configuring & Loading Software
  3. Connecting the Machine
  4. Powering Up the Machine
  5. Bobbin Threading
  6. Initial Maintenance

This section will describe how to correctly power up the machine.

Initial Power Up Sequence

  1. Make sure that all of the machines are turned off.
  2. Launch AMAYA OS and wait for the grey screen.
  3. Select Tools, then Options. Click on the Ethernet tab. This step is usually only required for the initial power up.
    • Ensure that the Ethernet adapter/card that is connected to your machine(s) is selected (left-click to select)
    • Turn on Force Download.
    • Click OK.
  4. Make sure the E-Stop is disengaged.
  5. Power up the machine with the power switch in the back.
  6. The software will load CSA and RSA files.
  7. The machine will initialize and display on screen.