Configuring the Windows Environment

  1. Unpacking the AMAYA
  2. Configuring & Loading Software
  3. Powering Up the Machine
  4. Upper Threading
  5. Bobbin Threading
  6. Initial Maintenance

Configuring your Windows environment will require slightly different steps depending on your Windows operating system. All Windows environments will require the adjustment of the network bindings. This will optimize the communication between the PC and the AMAYA.

IMPORTANT: These instructions do not apply to EMT16/EMT16 PLUS machines running Melco OS software. Making these adjustments within Melco OS can prevent the machine from being detected.

The information on this page only applies to AMAYA OS software prior to version 10.01.001.

Please follow the steps for your operating system.

Windows RT does not allow the loading of software other than apps from the Windows Store. It will not work with DesignShop or AMAYA OS.

Because this portion of the setup will require you to restart your computer, you can download these instructions and print them off to have easier access for the configuration of the Windows environment and loading of Melco software.