Unpacking the Machine

  1. Unpacking the AMAYA
  2. Connecting the Machine
  3. Powering Up the Machine
  4. Upper Threading
  5. Bobbin Threading
  6. Initial Maintenance

If your machine was delivered, this may have been completed by the delivery service. It is still recommended that you reconcile your shipment with your packing list. It is important to check the packing list instead of the invoice. The invoice will show all items that were ordered, but the packing list will indicate if any items are on back order.

Setting up the Machine

If the machine was not delivered, the following instructions will walk you through unpacking your machine. Please read these instructions completely before proceeding.

  1. Remove the outer packing/holding straps by cutting them.
  2. Removing the exterior box lid (you may need to remove a piece of plywood and white corner braces used to increase the strength of the shipping container before removing the box lid).
  3. Carefully lift the exterior box up and away from the AMAYA machine.
    After removing the outside packaging, remove the "options box".
  4. Cut the packing/holding straps securing the machine to the box/pallet.
  5. Remove any additional loose packaging.
  6. Remove the "Black Base Cover" from the AMAYA and set it to the side.
  7. If not already completed, assemble the cart using the cart instructions. If not cart was purchased, a non-skid bench-top pad (PN 33423) may be used beneath the AMAYA.
  8. With two people, lift the AMAYA using the hand holds located on the bottom of the machine casting.
    Do not attempt to lift the AMAYA alone. Always move the AMAYA with two people.
    Each person should use the hand holds on the bottom of either side of the machine. When moving the machine, take care not to apply pressure against the needle case.
  9. Depending on which option was purchased, place the AMAYA on the cart or bench-top pad. If the machine is placed on a cart, make sure that it fits within the placement tabs.
  10. Replace the black base cover on the AMAYA.

Options and Accessories

Now that the machine is unpacked, examine the contents of the operator’s kit and options box. Make sure to check these against the packing list. Look for your hoops and other options ordered with your machine. The operator’s kit should be kept close, as you will continue to use the contents during the remainder of the set-up.